High speed motor



Scope of application: mainly used for edge banding machine of panel furniture, and for edge banding processing of panel furniture. Product advantages: 1. It can achieve high-precision edge banding processing of edge banding machine 2. The product has high stability and long service life 3. The product has complete functions, which can meet the functions of slotting, pre-milling, trimming, tracking and trimming of edge banding machine



Scope of application: mainly applicable to engraving machines, for high-speed cutting, drilling, carving, grooving, etc. of wood, plastic, aluminum, rubber and other materials. Product advantages: 1. Optional imported ceramic ball bearing with longer service life 2. Continuous working speed up to 24000RPM 3. High quality sensor and independent fan with low failure rate 4. High specification silicon steel sheet with high energy efficiency and strong overload capacity.