Scope of application: It is mainly applicable to the drilling equipment of the six-sided drill. It is used for the drilling of wood and other processing products. Advantages: 1. Customized process base plate, the structural strength of the same material is increased by 20%. 2. High-precision gear, low temperature rise and low noise are used. 3. The optional supercharged cylinder, the drilling does not rebound. 4. The side drill is precisely matched with the keyway, and the accuracy is higher

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Product Description

performance parameter

Spindle model JGP-A12B4L8Z1
Motor power (KW) 2.2
Voltage 220/380
Current 7.4/5.3
Frequency (hz) 50/60
Motor speed (r/min) 2800/3400
Vertical drilling speed (r/min) 4500
Horizontal drilling speed (r/min) 4500
Saw blade speed (r/min) 4500
Vertical drill stroke (mm) 68
Cross drilling stroke (mm) 68
Saw blade stroke (mm) 68
Number of vertical drills 12
Horizontal drilling quantity 4
Number of saw blades 1
Number of putters 8
Drill specification (mm) 10
Weight (Kg) 65


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