Scope of application: mainly applicable to engraving machines, for high-speed cutting, drilling, carving, grooving, etc. of wood, plastic, rubber and other materials. Product advantages: 1. Water cooling method is adopted, and the product temperature rise is lower. 2. Imported bearings are optional, and the service life is longer. 3. The power is from 0.3KW to 7.5KW, which meets the processing needs of customers. 4. The product shell is made of stainless steel, which is more durable. 5. Support non-standard customization

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Product Description

performance parameter

Spindle model JGD-100S2-3.2
Motor parameters Rated power (KW) 3.2
Voltage 220/380
Current 11.2/6.5
Frequency (Hz) 400
Speed (r/min) 24000
Shaft end connection ER20
Lubrication method Grease
Number of bearings 4
Weight (Kg) 10.5


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